Frequently Asked Questions to MeetingsCrew

Is using your services really free of charge?

Yes, completely free of charge! We receive a provision from the hotels in case we arrange an event for you so that we are happy to offer you our services free of charge.

Do I pay more when using your services?

No, usually you pay the same and sometimes even less than booking a hotel directly. Many hotels have fixed rates for conference packages, DDRs (daily delegate rates) and meeting room rentals. However, due the volume we book in many hotels, we often get better rates than if you request the hotels directly.

Can you suggest a destination or a hotel?

We are very happy to help you with our long-time experience with conferences, meetings and events in many destinations in Europe and worldwide. Just tell us your needs, budget and anything you would like to let us know and we can even request hotels in different destinations at the same time for you!

Can I contact you without using the online portal?

Please contact us at any time by mail or call us directly if you like a more personal contact. Due to the time difference throughout the world we might not be available by phone all the time during your working hours. If you send us a mail, we will call you back asap.

How long does it take until I receive a proposal from a hotel?

Usually you will receive a reaction upon your request within a couple of hours after submitting your request. The time can be longer if the hotels receive your request out of hours or on the weekend.

You will automatically be informed of proposals or rejected requests by mail so you do not need to follow this process all the time.

How much time do I have until the proposal runs out?

You submit an option date with every request which asks the hotel to hold this option until the given date. Should you need more time, you can ask for an extension of the option date. The proposal expires, once the option runs out. However, please contact us should you change your mind or make a delayed decision and we will do our best to re-activate your proposal.

Can I cancel a request?

Yes, you can cancel your request at any time and always free of charge in case you have not signed a contract with any of the hotels.

I am not allowed to make a booking though MeetingsCrew or any other agency, what can I do?

The contract will always be concluded directly between you/your company and the hotel. We are not your contractual partner so that there are no restrictions using our services. You will never receive an invoice from us, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

What will happen with my personal data?

When submitting a request, you need to enter your personal (company) data so that we can get in contact with you.

We will never sell your data. We might use your email address to inform you about business travel and event news in undefined intervals. You can always unsubscribe from the mailings.