SO/ Berlin Das Stue

General hotel information

Welcome to Berlins first luxury boutique hotel. SO/ Berlin Das Stue is located right in the heart of Berlin and its embassy quarter surrounded by Tiergarten Park and the neighbouring Berlin Zoo. Offering impeccable view into the Tiergarten Park, the Zoo and over the Skyline of West and East Berlin, SO/ Berlin Das Stue is only a short drive away from all the shopping, art & entertainment hot spots. SO/ Berlin Das Stue, which derives its name from the Danish word for living room, brings back the concept of the drawing room with a sense of modern grandeur. Paired with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere of intimacy and cosiness, SO/ Berlin Das Stue combines the buildings historic heritage with contemporary design in harmony.

Conference centre and meeting room information

The Private Dining Salon is the perfect venue for exclusive events and dinners of up to 30 guests. With unique views of the ostriches, emus, and antelopes of the Berlin Zoo, this 45 m² salon creates an extraordinary yet intimate atmosphere. The Bel Etage Salon has a particularly elegant setting, with almost five-meter high ceilings, a 50 m² terrace, and quaint details such as an original May Ray photograph.

Conference rooms (if provided by the hotel)

Name m2
Private Dining Salon 45 20 0 0 0 25
Bel Etage Salon 65 30 0 0 0 40

Drakestr. 1,
10787 Berlin

Conference rooms:
2 / 110
Largest conference room:
40 / 65
Smallest conference room:
25 / 45