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Room Mate Aitana -Amsterdam


Do you want to experience staying a strikingly designed all-glass hotel in Amsterdam? Room Mate Aitana is located in the heart of Amsterdam, in a modern building on the new artificial island in the IJ River, next to the new Courthouse, Central Station and really close to Dam’s Square, the city’s historic centre, and near the main tourist attractions and the capital’s business centres. Enjoy a cool beer in the Mezzanine Bar, exercise in the gym or go for a walk along the private pier to check out the canals. If you have any questions, visit our personalised service desk where we will be more than happy to provide you with best city recommendations! What else can we do for you?

Description of the meeting rooms and conference facilities

What if you wanted to organize your events in a place filled with natural light, just by the city centre? Modern and full of design? What if we added amazing views of the Harbor? We made it possible. Welcome to Room Mate Aitana in Amsterdam, we are waiting for you! Room Mate Aitana is a hotel located in Amsterdam city center, in a modern building on the new artificial island. Did you know that Amsterdam is located under the sea level? There are lots of canals and one of the many ways to visit the city is in a boat. We also recommend bikes! To clear your mind after an important event or meeting, walk through these canals. Our hotel just a 10 minute walk from the Central Station, so you are right in the mix! Don’t hesitate to enjoy Amsterdam’s museums and multicultural life, Room Mate Aitana hotel is no different from this atmosphere. Each room is a place to visit (and stay): Our foyer is a jewel: designed by Tomás Alía, you can sit and lose track of time watching the views. We have taken care of everything in each of our hotels: the latest technology, audiovisuals for conferences, business meetings, and much more in our meeting rooms. If you want an event that you and your guests will remember forever you are in the right place! We have the perfect venue for you in Amsterdam, a city known for its welcoming attitude with guests. Our events team has made that attitude theirs: they are willing to help you with anything you might need: from picking up spaces, to the planning and management of your meetings. Come in with your ideas, we are ready!

Conference rooms

Name m2
Emma+Isabella 93 28 26 26 0 60
Alicia+Carla 101 28 28 28 0 60
Bruno 100 10 16 25 0 40
Grace 37 12 0 0 0 0
Emma 50 14 14 16 0 30
Isabella 43 14 14 16 0 30
Carla 50 50 14 16 0 30
Alicia 51 14 14 16 0 30
valeria 36 14 14 16 0 30
Oscar 131 36 36 55 0 120

IJdok 6,

Conference rooms:
8 / 692
Largest conference room:
120 / 131
Smallest conference room:
30 / 36