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Eurostars Grand Place Hotel in Brussels is set in a 19th century, neo-classical style building with a handsome façade. The exterior classicism is contrasted with the modern, minimalist interior decoration, where the universal lounge allows one to absorb the different ambiances of the Brussels hotel. Undoubtedly, our ensign is the central atrium lined in beige marble with a skylight letting in the light. Our guests immediately take a liking to this rest area where the fireplace, the bar and the comfortable armchairs transmit a universe of tranquillity in the very centre of Brussels. Brussels may indeed be a rainy city, with grey skies or even, too much of an administrative world. Maybe. But nobody can deny that the European capital has the most beautiful urban epicentre on the whole continent, because, without any doubt, the Grand Place irradiates such force over the city making one forget any other detail. La Grand Place is a gift that history and aesthetics offer our eyes. That is why it is worth seeking accommodation in its wake: be intelligent and treat yourself to the pleasure of enjoying the Grand Place and one of the most dynamic historical centres on the continent

Description of the meeting rooms and conference facilities

The Eurostars Grand Place does not have any meeting rooms, unfortunately. If you do need meeting facilities please check the surrounding conference hotels in Brüssel and keep in mind that you might be able to split accommodation and meeting to two different hotels or venues.


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